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Our Story


Complete Auto Service Center was formed to provide customers a fresh "service-centered" experience in auto care. For generations visiting your mechanic was a dirty affair with greasy hands, dirty floors, and rough workmen. These days auto repair requires a myriad of complex tools and equipment, computer skills, and technicians that never stop learning.  It's time that the customer service experience catches up with the changes! Our goal is to provide complete repairs, consistent customer service, and transform major inconveniences into an enjoyable experience. 


Complete Auto has been in business for six years, although its auto repair roots are deep. It was built on the foundation of Bill's Auto Repair when the owner retired after spending over 40 years in the industry. Bill's Auto established a reputation for providing complete repairs. When you came to pick up your vehicle you were confident that nothing was overlooked or ignored, and you could count on a good joke or a story!

For nearly 20 years Mark Guy mentored under Bill Hodson and then purchased the business after his retirement.  Mark changed the name and set about building a new experience on that solid automotive repair foundation. 

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