1 Million Miles in 1500 Sq. Ft.


A few weeks ago sitting in our little three bay shop were vehicles with a combined mileage of over one million miles. I’m not talking about three of your typically dependable Asian automakers either. Two Fords and a Chevy, two were pick-ups, one of those was a diesel and had over 500,000 miles on it. All three were in for minor repairs. All three were on their original engines and transmissions. The secret: all three were regularly maintained and their owners did not put off necessary repairs.

I marveled at how times have changed since my Dad was turning wrenches, when tune-ups were done every ten thousand miles, a valve job at thirty thousand, and if a car made it a hundred thousand miles it was something to brag about. Now I don’t even buy them till they have over 100K on the odometer! We are living in the “good old days” of automotive power, convenience, and reliability.

Vehicles cost more than ever before and for many their car is their second largest investment. It only makes sense to take care of something that costs so much and has such potential for years of reliable service. Oil changes are only the beginning of good vehicle maintenance. Tune-Ups, transmission fluid service, fuel filters, coolant flush, and timing belt replacement are often overlooked but are vital to dependability past the 100,000 mile mark. Adding to the confusion is that some cars don’t have certain filters, or don’t have a timing belt, or don’t even have spark plug wires. How do you know what your car needs? Factory maintenance schedules. These schedules correspond to your vehicles mileage and can be accessed two ways. One is to dig out your owner’s manual, flip to the maintenance schedule in the back, find your present mileage, and see what it recommends. The second (and easier) way is to give us a call and we can input your vehicle info and mileage into our system. Our computer will spit out what is recommended and we can give you an estimate of the cost. Combine that with our complimentary 25 point Complete Vehicle Evaluation and you’ll have a good idea of what your car needs to ensure many years of dependable service. Maybe your vehicle can join the five hundred thousand mile club!

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