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Complete Auto Service Center is the one-stop shop for all your repair needs, large or small.  Our team has the equipment and the knowledge to take care of all your vehicles needs and put you back on the road with confidence and peace of mind.

Advanced Diagnostics

It's more than simply reading codes and turning off your check engine light. We maintain up-to-date diagnostic equipment that allows us to communicate with the various computers and modules that make a modern car or truck function.  Our web based information system is updated continuously so that we always have the latest information on your vehicle.

Engine Repair

From water pumps to fuel pumps, repairs to replacements, we have your engine repairs covered. Quality parts are installed with care and precision to ensure yur vehicle is repaired completely and you won't be back again with the same problem.  When engine replacement is required we proudly install Jasper Engines that are backed by a 3 year/100,000 mile nationwide warranty.

Automatic Transmission Repair

Whether your transmission needs serviced, rebuilt, or replaced Compete Auto can take care of your needs.  We rebuild many transmissions in house and back them by a 12 month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranty. A new torque converter is always installed as well as a Transgo Shift Kit (when available) to increase durability.  When replacement is required we install Jasper or factory units.  

Suspension and Drivetrain

From the front end to the rear end; whether front wheel, rear wheel, or four wheel drive Complete Auto can maintain and repair the "foundation" of your vehicle.  Shocks, struts, axles, u-joints, and wheel bearings fall under the category of "Yes we can." We never sacrifice quality for price in order to ensure that you travel safely and remain in complete control. 

Brake Repair

What's the use in going if you can't stop? Safe brake repairs involve much more than "throwing on a new set of pads." We fully inspect your braking system including hoses, hardware, and hydraulic system.  Brake rotors are always turned or replaced and top brand pads or shoes are installed.  All to ensure that you have all the stopping power you need.