Todays automobiles last longer and go farther than ever before. They are also more expensive to purchase and repair.  That's why preventative maintenance is in your best interest.  Protect your investment by following the factory recommended maintenance schedule. 

       Brakes & Suspension


The abilities to stop and turn are pretty important for safe travel! As part of our Complete Vehicle Evaluation we inspect your brakes and suspension for worn or damaged parts.


Your brakes and suspension are not the place to go cheap! Installing quality brand name parts is imperative for proper braking performance and longevity. We install only the best parts, many of them with lifetime warranties.  

       Fluid Service

Changing your oil and other fluids according to factory recommendations (or sooner!) is the best thing you can do to protect expensive mechanical components. At Complete Auto we use only quality filters and high grade fluids according to your specific vehicle's specifications.  


You can get an oil change at the discount store for a discount price. At Complete Auto you recieve real value as trained technicians perform a complete inspection of your vehicle, check all the fluid levels, and adjust the tire pressure to its proper level. 


The vehicles of today can go many more miles than their predecessors before needing a tune-up. Still hoses, belts, filters, and ignition parts deteriorate over time.  Some vehicles have a timing belt that can break and cause expensive engine damage.


Complete Auto maintains a computer-based database that informs us when maintenance items should be replaced. We have the equipment and knowledge to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.  


Every time we service your vehicle we look for signs of trouble so that you can make proactive decisions and avoid a future crisis.